Health and Social Care Committee to investigate case for NHS investment

The Health and Social Care Committee has opened an inquiry into the case for NHS investment, focusing on capital investment, training, social care, public health, and the Long Term Plan.

In summer 2018, the Government committed £20.5 billion of funding to the operation of the NHS. This funding was in-part intended for (and conditional on the NHS’s agreement to) the NHS Long Term Plan, which was launched in January 2019.

This funding for NHS operations is to be supported by additional funding settlements to cover capital expenses, training, social care and public health, which are not covered within the money announced so far – however commitments on this have been delayed due to Brexit.

The Committee is to investigate how investment in these areas could best support NHS effectiveness, and the implementation of the objectives outlined in the Long Term Plan.

The Committee is currently seeking submissions of evidence, with a deadline of the 22nd August. The committee expects to report before the 2019 Budget.

Submissions should not exceed 3000 words, and can be provided here.

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Published on 11. July 2019 in News, News UK