Lords Committee calls for drastic social care reform

The House of Lords Economics Affairs Committee has released a hard-hitting report calling for significant change in the social care environment.

The Committee reports that diminishing budgets mean there is less government support of social care than there was in 2010/11, with £700 million less in public funding, despite a significant increase in demand.

The report estimates, based on analysis from The Health Foundation and King’s Fund, that £8 billion is needed to return to these levels of support, which they recommend raising from general taxation.

The Committee challenged why people in the UK receive healthcare free-at-the-point-of-use, but must contribute significantly to social care from their savings. It also highlighted regional disparities in local authority support as a result of availability of funds to support social care, and that some care providers are struggling as a result.

The Committee calls for essential personal care to be brought in line with healthcare through the NHS, with those receiving care funding additional services, and accommodation where services are not provided in a person’s own home.

The full report is available here, along with full details of the committee’s inquiry.

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Published on 11. July 2019 in News, News UK