NHS implementation framework goes before Parliament

The Government has presented to Parliament its Implementation Framework for the NHS Long Term Plan, which has been agreed with NHS leaders.

The Framework, which has been agreed by the boards of NHS England and NHS Improvement and sets out targets for the coming year, was laid before Parliament on Monday. This follows the release of the Long-Term Plan in January.

The Government’s announcement, made by Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock, focused on the impact on early cancer detection, mental health, and staffing.

“Since 2010, cancer survival has improved year-on-year but, historically, our survival rates have lagged behind the best performing countries in Europe. In our Long Term Plan for the NHS, we set out a clear ambition to resolve this โ€“ and this framework sets out a step-by-step blueprint for local leaders to make that a reality.”
โ€“ Matt Hancock

Among the items highlighted were a number of aspirations of the Long Term Plan including new Rapid Diagnostic Centres, improvements in screening, and increasing staffing in these areas.

However, the debate in Parliament raised concerns as to how these changes will be achieved, noting current challenges around funding and existing NHS vacancies in nursing and clinical positions.

A digest of the NHS Long Term Plan is available on MAP Online.

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Published on 3. July 2019 in News, News UK