NICE Chief Executive Sir Andrew Dillon to stand down

The Chief Executive of NICE, Sir Andrew Dillon, is stepping down at the end of March 2020 after completing over 20 years’ service at the organisation.

Speaking on his time at NICE, Sir Andrew said:

“NICE has made a significant contribution to improving outcomes for people using the health and care services, and to the efficient use of resources. I feel very proud to be associated with those achievements.”

Chair of NICE, Sir David Haslam, said:

“Sir Andrew has carried out this role for 20 enormously successful years, and everyone who knows him – whether in government, the life sciences industry, or in health and social care – is full of admiration for his calm and skilful leadership.”

Other key figures in the healthcare sector have commented, with Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Chief Executive, Mike Thompson, saying:

“As a result of this leadership, there is a consensus across industry about the central role of NICE in assessing all medicines, ensuring that patients have a right to access the treatments they need.”

Details of Sir Andrew’s next move have not been published as of yet. According to NICE, the Board plan on advertising for Sir Andrew’s replacement by autumn 2019.

See NICE’s announcement here.

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Published on 23. August 2019 in News, News UK