UK Select Committee to hold evidence session on recent Government funding announcement

The UK Parliament’s Health and Social Care Select Committee has announced that it will hold a single evidence session on the recent Government announcement on NHS funding.

At the beginning of August, the UK Government made an announcement on NHS capital investment which included an apparent extra £1.8 billion package for the NHS.

However, some stakeholders responded to the news with scepticism over whether the funding is ‘new’, and whether the scale of the investment is sufficient to achieve a meaningful impact.

The Health and Social Care Committee has now scheduled a session to examine this announcement. According to the Committee, this will include examining:

  • the extent to which the recent announcements provide what is necessary for the NHS to deliver the NHS Long-term Plan and maintain day-to-day performance
  • how much extra resource is needed
  • how resources should be allocated

The evidence session will be held on the 10th September.

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Published on 30. August 2019 in News, News UK