William Warr appointed as health adviser to the UK Prime Minister

Following close involvement with the thinking behind the UK Life Sciences Industrial Strategy, William Warr has been appointed as a health adviser to the Prime Minister.

Warr (aged 27), a former Oxford academic where he worked closely with Sir John Bell developing UK Life Sciences Strategy, had previously worked as a consultant at Sir Lynton Crosby’s C|T Group.

In July this year, Warr wrote an article in the Telegraph offering his view on prevention in healthcare. In the article, Warr commented:

“Over the last 20 years, funding has poured into healthcare in response to headlines warning of immediate crises, increasing in real terms from £60bn to over £150bn, even before the PM’s additional £20bn pledge last year…

“Yet all too often, additional funding has merely been used to treat the symptoms of NHS pressure – waiting times, staff productivity – rather than the causes of pressure: the public health crisis.”

Warr is also an advocate, like the Secretary of State, for DNA testing and increasing the use of technology within the NHS.

More information on policy engagement in Westminster can be found on MAP Online.

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Published on 14. August 2019 in News, News UK