Health Groups warn of impact of no-deal Brexit

As MPs returned from their Summer Recess this week, leading health groups authored an open letter to MPs claiming that a no-deal Brexit could result in significant risks for the health and social care.

In the open letter, the Chief Executives of The King’s Fund, Nuffield Trust and The Health Foundation wrote about their concerns that Britain leaving the European Union without a deal, saying it could exacerbate issues in NHS staffing and funding shortages across government, and create shortages in vital supply chains.

Specifically for the medicines and medical devices, the letter claims that:

“Additional burdens [caused by a no-deal Brexit] will mean that companies face higher costs to get their products into the UK…Nuffield Trust analysis estimates these would total around £2.3 billion per year across the UK.”

In response, Conservative MP Martin Vickers disputed that a no-deal Brexit would cause significant issues for health and social care, arguing that the government has spent three years planning for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit.

Find out more from the King’s Fund paper here.

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Published on 5. September 2019 in News, News UK