NHS Partnership says age should not be a barrier to adopting technology

The Hurley group, an NHS Partnership exclusively led by practicing GPs, has said that the age of patients shouldn’t be a determining factor the adoption of technology in the NHS

Instead, the Group has said that GPs are less likely to adopt the technology, with patients tending to adopt it very easily.

The NHS Long Term Plan outlined plans for the digital transformation of the NHS, as it has been revealed that 36% of NHS IT staff and 26% of patients felt that outdated technology systems were limiting patient care.

The announcement highlights that 91% of all adults are regular internet users, however, this only applies to 47% of adults over 75.

Murray Ellender, who leads on both urgent care and operational issues for the Hurley Group, commented that:

“The NHS . . . should not be focusing their energy on getting that 10% online as the space that’s been freed up by moving services online can be utilised for the remaining few.

“Patients tend to adopt tech very easily, it’s the GPs that are less likely to. Technology should be and is easy enough to use, that age should not be a barrier. AI makes mistakes, but humans make mistakes too.”

There are also concerns that poor signal coverage in hospitals could render some of the technology updates redundant, and that pagers and faxes should be retained.

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Published on 24. September 2019 in News, News UK