EUnetHTA publishes REQueST Tool and its vision paper

EUnetHTA has published its Registry Evaluation and Quality Standards Tool (REQueST) and vision paper which aims to support HTA organisations and others in guiding and evaluating registries for effective usage in HTA.

The publication follows a public consultation on the proposed tool.

According to EUnetHTA:

“The tool has been developed to be a comprehensive resource that covers all important aspects relating to the quality of registries. The standards set out in the tool are universal and essential elements of good practice and evidence quality that are, therefore, relevant for different types of registries.”

The REQueST tool is designed to be used by:

  • evidence developers to assess the quality of their registry
  • international organisations considering whether to use registry data for HTA and regulatory purposes

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Published on 14. October 2019 in News, News International