National Audit Office publish report on DHSC’s Brexit preparations

The National Audit Office has published a report on supplying the health and social care sector in the context of the UK exiting the EU.

The report reviews the Department of Health and Social Care’s (DHSC’s) preparations for Brexit to ensure that the UK has continued access to medical supplies.

According to the report, the Government’s ‘worst case’ assumption is that the flow of goods across the channel could reduce by 40%-60%. This statistic has underpinned DHSC preparations.

These preparations have been focused in three areas:

  • Building up stockpiles and obtaining space in warehouses
  • Re-routing supplies to avoid busy crossings
  • Procuring additional freight capacity and preparing suppliers
  • Increasing DHSC’s ability to monitor the situation and respond

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Published on 7. October 2019 in News, News UK