NICE launches consultation upon Evidence Standards Framework for Digital Health Technologies

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has launched a consultation regarding its Evidence Standards Framework for Digital Health Technologies, originally published in March 2019.

Since publication the framework has been accessed over 10,000 times; the consultation is seeking feedback on user experiences in order to establish how the framework can be improved for its second phase of development.

The framework analyses technologies in terms of their effectiveness and economic impact. Technologies are assigned a functional category, which correlates with a minimum standard of evidence required and a best practice standard of evidence. Contextual issues will indicate which standard should be applied in each case.

The standards framework has been developed in order to further the digital transformation ambitions outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan and is intended to be used by technology developers when developing their evidence plans, and by decision makers when deciding whether to commission certain technologies.

The consultation is open until mid-October 2019, and can be accessed here.

Find out more about NICE’s work on MAP Online, and view other consultations on our Consultation Tracker.

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Published on 1. October 2019 in News, News UK