AMR Industry Alliance present progress report

International group launches its 2020 progress report detailing where global health has had success in the fight against drug-resistant pathogens.

The Alliance gathered data from its membership based on progress for 2019 against the fifteen commitments they had made. The commitments include aspects of fighting antimicrobial resistance (AMR) such as research and science, manufacturing, and appropriate use.

The Alliance reports that industry is working hard in research and development activity around AMR:

“Ninety percent of relevant companies engage in national and international partnerships to combat AMR. This includes engaging in public–private partnerships such as CARB-X, the Human Vaccine Project, and Innovative Medicines Initiative’s COMBACTE partnership, as well as working directly with non-governmental organizations, academia, government departments, international agencies such as the World Health Organization, and hospital and medical laboratories, to advance solutions on AMR.”

The update also shows companies’ work towards encouraging appropriate use:

  • 80% of companies report revising promotional activities to align with antimicrobial stewardship
  • 76% of companies have formal appropriate use and stewardship plans
  • 70% of companies collect AMR surveillance data
  • 50% of companies measure the outcomes and impact of their stewardship plans

The report provides a number of detailed updates and insights on what has been done and may be done in the near future, setting up next steps in all areas of Alliance membership’s commitments. Read the report here.

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Published on 17. January 2020 in Interesting Reads, News, Press Release