Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award

A funding stream has been launched by the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) to support the development of technologies using artificial intelligence (AI).

The AI Award will support the “testing and evaluation” of AI technologies which align with the strategic goals of the NHS Long Term Plan. £140 million is being made available over three years, with the first call for applications launching on 28th January 2020. Calls are expected to run twice a year. NHS England provides examples of technological applications of AI:

Health Promotion and Prevention:

  • Digital epidemiology and disease surveillance
  • National screening programs
  • Preventative advice
  • Self-management

Diagnosis and Treatment:

  • Symptoms checkers and decision support for differential diagnosis
  • Risk stratification
  • Prediction of deterioration
  • Personalised treatments

System Efficiency:

  • Optimisation of care pathways
  • Identification of resource requirements
  • Electronic roster system
  • Natural Language Processing for administrative tasks

Read more on the AI Award here and on the AAC here.

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Published on 31. January 2020 in News, News UK