Restoration of power sharing in Northern Ireland brings news for health sector

The deal to resume power sharing in Northern Ireland has been accepted by the major political parties of the country, and a new Speaker was sworn-in on Friday.

The deal, prepared jointly by the British and Irish Governments, allows the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont to select ministers and resume its work after a break of three years.

There are implications for the health sector, as issues such as pay freezes for health staff can now be addressed. According to the UK Government press release:

“The parties have committed to measures which will end ongoing industrial action by healthcare staff immediately. This includes pay parity, a new action plan on waiting times and delivering much needed reforms on health and social care.

“Reforms to the health service, education and justice will be prioritised by a new Executive, as well as important improvements in transparency and accountability, and in how civil servants, ministers and special advisers conduct themselves.”

MAP will monitor proposals to reform health and social care as the new Executive begins its work. Read more on the deal here.

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Published on 13. January 2020 in News, News Ireland, News UK