GKV-FKG Law passed to change competition between insurers

The Bundestag has approved the Law for fair health insurance competition in statutory health insurance to bring fairness to the competition between statutory health insurers.

Provisions in the Law include:

  • Liability rules adjustment to share risk
  • Rules of conduct for advertising
  • Revised structures in the national umbrella body for insurers
  • Improved transparency and coordination
  • Further development and more precise structuring of the financial equalisation

Jens Spahn, Minister of Health, said:

“We make competition between health insurance companies fairer. The cash registers should not compete for the best financial tricks, but for the best service, the best care and the most modern digital offer. And we do everything we can to ensure that supply shortages for pharmaceuticals can be avoided in the future. Because patients rightly expect to receive urgently needed medication quickly. That is why the federal government will intervene more in the distribution of medicines than before.”

Of high relevance for industry is the creation of a ‘Risk Pool’. The Government press release states:

“High cost cases are cushioned by the fact that the health insurance companies are reimbursed for 80 percent of the benefit expenditure for each benefit that exceeds 100,000 euros per year.”

It is believe the Risk Pool will lower the burden on individual insurance policies and improve payers’ willingness to pay. It may reduce the need for innovative payment models.

Read the Government press release here.

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Published on 18. February 2020 in News, News Germany, Press Release