More detail emerges on Patient Data Protection Act

Germany’s Patientendaten-Schutzgesetz (Patient Data Protection Act) has continued its passage into law, and the Health Ministry has published a breakdown of the provisions in the Act.

Jens Spahn, Federal Health Minister, has presented the draft Bill for consideration, and details have emerged of exactly what is included.

The Act allows for electronic patient records to be created, offered to the patient by their insurer and filled-in by their doctors. The Health Ministry said:

“In addition to reports, medical reports or X-rays, the vaccination card, the mother’s passport, the yellow U-booklet for children and the tooth bonus booklet can also be saved in the electronic patient file from 2022.

“As of 2022, insured persons can have their data transferred from the ePA if they change their health insurance…

“The insured person decides which data is stored in the ePA and which is deleted. In each individual case, he also decides who can access the ePA.”

Find out more about the Act here.

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Published on 6. February 2020 in News, News Germany