Health and Social Care Committee announces social care enquiry

The Health and Social Care Committee has launched an enquiry in to how social care should be funded and resourced, and is now accepting evidence.

The Committee’s announcement revealed:

“The inquiry into social care funding will seek to establish how much extra money would need to be spent by government in each of the next five years to counteract the impact of a shortage of care on the NHS.

“MPs will also consider shortages in the social care workforce and what solutions need to be found to address changes in the years ahead.”

Three key questions will be asked as the basis for evidence submissions to the inquiry:

  • What impact is the current social care funding situation having on the NHS?
  • What level of funding is required in each of the next five years to address this?
  • What is the extent of current workforce shortages in social care, how will they change over the next five years, and how do they need to be addressed?

Evidence may be submitted up to Tuesday 14th April. Find out more here.

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Published on 12. March 2020 in News, News UK