NICE publishes MIB on AI technology for the first time

NICE has examined an artificial intelligence (AI) technology in its MedTech Innovation Briefing (MIB) programme for the first time, laying a foundation for further growth in importance of the AI health sector.

The software shows promise in supporting radiologists when diagnosing brain abnormalities. It is hoped the tool can save time and resource in identifying priority cases, thereby reducing costs overall, although the cost of an individual use of the tool is higher than a conventional (manual) assessment.

In its press release, NICE said:

“The NICE briefing used evidence from 11 studies. Seven studies, which included the analysis of 31,118 CT brain scans, showed the technology to be as effective at detecting intracranial haemorrhages as neuroradiologists, however, study conditions did not reflect current NHS clinical practice. Four real world observational studies, which included 59,655 CT brain scans, suggest the technology may perform well in clinical practice.

“However, there are uncertainties in the evidence. Six of the studies included in the briefing are only summaries and with limited methodological detail. The NICE team said the evidence base would benefit from well controlled comparative studies with an appropriate follow-up time to capture patient outcome and time to treatment.”

Find out more about MIBs here, and read NICE’s press release here.

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Published on 18. March 2020 in News, News UK, Press Release