Clinical trials for COVID-19 treatment in China suspended due to lack of patients

It is being reported that two clinical trials repurposing an existing drug to treat COVID-19 have been suspended in China due to insufficient enrolment.

The trials were to use Remdesivir (Gilead Sciences) to target the pandemic coronavirus. FirstWord Pharma reports that researchers trialing the drug against mild-to-moderate COVID-19 have been quoted as stating:

“the epidemic… has been controlled well at present, no eligible patients can be recruited”

“Stalled enrolment” has also been cited as the reason for a previous trial in severe COVID-19 being halted.

Although the apparent control of the outbreak in China is encouraging, PharmaPhorum reported analysts’ disappointment that little data would come from the study:

“In a research note published after news of the suspension of the mild-to-moderate trial emerged, analysts at RBC Capital said the lack of information from the investigators was worrying.

“All told, 237 out of a target study population of 300 were enrolled before it was placed on hold, they said, and with no data being revealed ‘any benefits were likely inconclusive,’ they suggested.”

Read more on this trial here.

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Published on 16. April 2020 in Interesting Reads, News