EC releases guidelines on cross-border cooperation during COVID-19

As part of a range of measures, the European Commission has released guidelines to advise Member States on continuing cross-border collaboration in healthcare during the coronavirus pandemic.

The guideline makes it clear that the European Union believes now is a time for Member States to work together to solve the coronavirus crisis. The guidance says:

“The European Commission calls on national, regional and local health authorities to make full use of:

  • existing structures and mechanisms to work together to assist patients in need of critical care by offering available hospital bed capacity, and
  • available health professionals who constitute the backbone of our health systems and to enable them to share expertise and skills working hand in hand with health professionals across borders

so as to alleviate overstretched healthcare facilities in Member States in need and where it does not put the functioning of their own health systems at risk.”

The support available from the EC is also explained, with the Commission able to help with emergency transport and medical personnel around the Union, as well as an overall coordination of treatment centres.

Read more on the EC response to the crisis here, and this piece of guidance here.

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Published on 3. April 2020 in News, News EU, Press Release