HSC Committee launches inquiry into core services during and after COVID-19

An inquiry has been launched entitled Delivering Core NHS and Care Services during the Pandemic and Beyond to establish how best the normal work of these services can continue.

The Health and Social Care Committee, running the inquiry, said:

“At the same time as tackling COVID-19, the NHS and social care are playing a crucial role in continuing to deliver other essential, life-saving health and care services, including cancer diagnosis and treatment, maternity care and mental health services, amongst many others.

“Over the coming weeks, the Health and Social Care Committee will be holding an ongoing inquiry into the planning and delivery of other essential NHS and care services during the pandemic and beyond… The aim of our inquiry is to give focus to these upcoming strategic challenges, and give those working in the NHS and care sectors an opportunity to set out what help they will need from Government in meeting them.”

Evidence is currently being accepted by the inquiry. Read the call for evidence here.

The next meeting of the inquiry will be a virtual session for oral evidence on 1st May, 09:00-11:30. Find out how to attend here.

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Published on 24. April 2020 in News, News UK