AIFA thanks Regions, Autonomous Provinces and associations for coronavirus work

The Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco (AIFA – Italian Medicines Agency) has expressed its gratitude to the bodies helping Italy avoid the worst consequences of COVID-19.

AIFA draws attention to drug shortages in particular, saying:

“One of the most feared aspects of the COVID emergency, from the first moments, was the possible lack of drugs that the impact of the epidemic could have produced, with spikes in demand that would have made a rational use of the available therapeutic resources almost impossible.”

However, in Italy, the strong collaboration between the Regions, Autonomous Provinces and pharmaceutical companies has avoided this outcome. With AIFA’s support, all parties have worked together to ensure supplies get to the patients that need them.

In addition, AIFA is optimistically looking to implementing stronger systems for the future:

“The ‘reactive’ model applied and the positive results achieved in emergency management, through the establishment of a system of operational networks, are summarised in a document shared between Regions and autonomous Provinces, AIFA and associations, which we publish as a starting point for the establishment of those future ‘preventive’ systems that will help us prepare the network for possible future crises.”

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Published on 29. June 2020 in News, News Italy, Press Release