Industry bodies call for UK-EU MRA

Influential European industry groups have written to the three European Presidents, the Commissioner for Trade, and the Chief Negotiator for Brexit to request a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between the EU and UK.

The letter is very clear in its request, strongly calling for pragmatic solutions to mitigate the worst medical technology-related effects of Brexit. It states:

“…it is crucial to ensure as much cooperation as possible with regard to regulatory processes and the import and export of medicines and medical supplies across UK/EU borders, in order to minimise delays in products reaching patients. This could be easily achieved with a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA), similar to existing agreements with many third countries, covering batch and import testing by manufacturers and Official Medicines Control Laboratories (OMCLs) as well as GMP inspections, based on global Good Manufacturing Practice standards, as well as CE-marking of medical devices and technologies.”

The authors point out that an MRA does not necessarily need to be part of the remaining trade negotiations, citing the precedent of the TTIP EU-US negotiations.

The signing authors of the letter are: Mr. Adrian Van den Hoven, Director General Medicines for Europe; Mrs. Nathalie Moll, Director General EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations); Mrs. Jurate Svarcaite, Director General AESGP (Association of the European Self-Care Industry); Dr. Oliver Sude, Deputy Secretary General EUCOPE (European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs); Mr. Bernard Grimm, Director General ad interim EuropaBio; Mrs. Magdalena de Azero, Executive Director Vaccines Europe.

MAP will report on the result of the industry campaign for an MRA.

Read the letter here.

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Published on 18. June 2020 in News, News EU, News UK