EFPIA highlights inequalities in patient access around Europe

The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) has released the results of its annual survey on patient access.

The Patients W.A.I.T. (Patients Waiting to Access Innovative Therapies) survey looked at:

“…for new medicines (i.e. medicines including a substance that has not been previously available in Europe) within a (rolling) 4 year cohort:

  1. The rate of availability, measured by the number of medicines available to patients in European countries. For most countries this is the point at which the product gains access to the reimbursement list
  2. The average time between marketing authorisation and patient access, measured by the number of days elapsing from the date of EU marketing authorisation (or Swissmedic approval in the case of Switzerland) to the day of completion of post-marketing authorisation administrative processes”

172 medicines were in scope for the 2019 survey of the four-year rolling window 2015-18.

The data captured show marked differences in patient access across Europe. Patients in countries seeing slower approval and adoption of new medicines would be frustrated by delays in their access to treatments. Mike Doustdar, EFPIA Board member and Chair of EFPIA’s Patient Access Committee said:

“These significant delays and unavailability of medicines harm patients. The EFPIA/CRA analysis shows the root causes of these issues to be multi-factorial; including late start of market access assessment, duplicative evidence requirements, and national pricing and reimbursement policies. We hope that the combination of the W.A.I.T Indicator Survey and the EFPIA/CRA analysis can contribute to an evidenced-based dialogue across all stakeholders to find collaborative solutions.”

Find out more on EFPIA’s survey via the link.

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Published on 2. July 2020 in News, News EU