IPHA releases third video on coronavirus response

The Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) has released its third video showing the actions taken by Irish industry to fight COVID-19.

IPHA said this video is:

“focussing on the search for vaccines and treatments. This completes the trilogy of videos dealing with science, supply and supports – the framework for the industry’s COVID-19 response…

“Of course, this latest video doesn’t capture every company’s efforts on the search for vaccines and treatments. It’s just a snapshot of some of what we’re doing.”

The video provides a real insight into the work going on every day around Ireland to tackle the pandemic. A trailer is available, as well as the full version.

Trailer version
Password: Trailer

Full video
Password: IPHA

All the videos in the series can be found on the IPHA website.

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Published on 9. July 2020 in News, News Ireland, Press Release