NHS England to fast-track weight loss support access for diabetic risk

Patients at risk of developing type 2 diabetes will be fast-tracked into the NHS England Healthier You NHS Diabetes Prevention programme in order to reduce health risks.

Diabetics may experience higher risks of developing serious or lethal COVID-19, as well as a range of other health issues, so NHS England has developed the Healthier You programme to support healthier lifestyle choices and habits. NHS England says it is a world-leading programme and has already helped hundreds of thousands of people.

NHS Chief Executive Sir Simon Stevens said:

“The evidence is now in: severe obesity can double your chance of dying from coronavirus. So this pandemic is a call to arms to adopt medically-proven changes in what we eat and how we exercise. That’s why the NHS is going to accelerate its offer to help, including through wide uptake of our Diabetes Prevention programme which helps people shift the pounds, avoid Type 2 diabetes, and also slash the risk of severe coronavirus.”

The public can access the service from Monday 27th July, and will take an assessment. If the assessment shows a moderate or high risk, an individual will be advised to join the Healthier You programme without needing a referral from a healthcare professional.

Read NHS England’s announcement to find out more.

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Published on 27. July 2020 in News, News UK, Press Release