Online COVID-19 rehabilitation service to launch

NHS England plans to tackle the long-term effects of coronavirus with an online tool for patient rehabilitation.

Patients will be assessed for access to the new service. For those who need it, up to 12 weeks’ support will be made available, comprising:

  • “Access to a local clinical team including nurses and physiotherapists who can respond either online or over the phone to any enquiries from patients;
  • An online peer-support community for survivors – particularly helpful for those who may be recovering at home alone;
  • Exercise tutorials that people can do from home to help them regain muscle strength and lung function in particular, and;
  • Mental health support, which may include a psychologist within the online hub or referral into NHS mental health services along with information on what to expect post-COVID”

These services will be accessed from the patient’s own home as required. Professor Sally Singh from the University of Leicester, developer of the service, said:

“We know the impact of COVID on people can be far reaching and complex, ‘Your COVID Recovery’ is specifically designed to support people in their recovery post-coronavirus, this will be one of the first sites in the world rolled out nationally seeking to address potential post-COVID symptoms and support people on the road to recovery.

“We have brought together a wide range of experts representing a number of professional societies who have made valuable contributions to the site, to allow us to have a comprehensive package of information and advice. Importantly we have worked with people with first-hand experience of COVID to help shape the site and make sure the content was fit for purpose.”

Read more on Your COVID Recovery on the NHS England web pages.

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Published on 6. July 2020 in News, News UK, Press Release