Spain: Industry calls for regulatory evolution

The pharmaceutical industry in Spain has called for European pharmaceutical regulation to evolve and keep pace with other jurisdictions.

Farmaindustria, the Spanish industry body, discussed the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and what it has shown about the global health industry. The body said:

“The devastating passage of the Covid-19 around the world has left unpublished experiences and teachings to which neither authorities nor professionals and agents that make up the health systems nor society should be unaware of. One of them is the importance of having a strong innovative pharmaceutical industry, which allows responding in a relatively short time to the new treatment and immunisation needs of the world population. And another lesson, closely linked to this, is the importance of guaranteeing access to these treatments by patients.”

Farmaindustria looked at the relative performance of China, the USA and the EU in recent research work. Despite awareness of upcoming technologies and the need to stay on top of developments, Farmaindustria says that the EU is falling behind:

“However, Europe is facing increasing competition in the race for excellence in biomedical research, as reflected by the situation that is occurring with research into advanced therapies known as CAR-T. According to a recent article published in The Scientist magazine, China participates in more CAR-T clinical trials than the sum total of research in this field in the rest of the world. Europe barely represents 16% of the CAR-T trials carried out in China and 30% of those in the United States.”

The body supports EFPIA’s recommendations for improving pharmaceutical research, approval processes, and patient access in order to ensure the EU keeps pace with the USA and China.

Read Farmaindustria’s press release on the website.

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Published on 7. July 2020 in News, News Spain, Press Release