Government announces allocation of funds to support hospitals over winter

Some 117 NHS Trusts will be allocated a share of £300 million in order to improve facilities for the coming winter.

The Prime Minister announced today (11th August) that the money will be used to upgrade A&E departments. The Government’s press release said:

“The PM will also urge the public to feel confident to visit A&E for the treatment they need, reassuring those who remain concerned that strict social distancing and hygiene measures are in place to protect patients.

“Hospitals could use the new funding to expand waiting areas and increase the number of treatment cubicles, helping them boost A&E capacity by providing additional space, reducing overcrowding and improving infection control measures.

“They could also increase the provision of same day emergency care and improve patient flow in the hospital to help the NHS respond to winter pressures and the risk from further outbreaks of coronavirus.”

Hospitals will receive shares of varying amounts up to £6,997,000. Upgrade projects are scheduled to finish by early 2021, ensuring most are up and running during the worst of the winter months.

Read the full announcement to find out more.

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Published on 12. August 2020 in News, News UK, Press Release