OLS presents bioscience and health technology sector statistics 2019

The Office for Life Sciences (OLS) has released its report of the statistics describing the bioscience and health tech sectors for 2019.

The statistics show the number of companies and workers in the different areas of the life sciences sector, how this is spread geographically, and their economic productivity, among other details.

OLS says:

“The UK life sciences industry employs 256,100 people in 6,3001 businesses and generates a turnover of £80.7bn.

“The Core Biopharma and Core Med Tech sectors contain businesses involved in the discovery, development and marketing of therapeutics, and medical devices respectively. The Core Med Tech sector is the largest by employment (102,800 or 40% of the industry) and Core Biopharma is the largest by turnover (£36.7bn or 45% of the industry).”

Life science industry has grown over the preceding ten years, and appears to be healthy and productive. It is useful to note, however, that the statistics reported here were gathered before COVID-19 and cannot account for any future effects of Brexit.

Find the reports on the OLS website.

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Published on 20. August 2020 in News, News UK, Press Release