Coronavirus challenge tests planned in quest for vaccine

The UK is formulating plans to attempt to infect people with COVID-19 in order to prove the effectiveness of vaccines in development.

The Financial Times revealed the plans as part of the Government’s drive to “winnow” the large number of potential vaccines down to a small group of the most effective. First Word Pharma said:

“A final decision about the site of the initial challenge trials has not been made, although the report indicated they will take place at a secure quarantine facility in east London where volunteers will first be inoculated with a vaccine, and then receive a challenge dose of SARS-CoV-2 about a month later under controlled conditions.”

Such studies may give faster results than traditional vaccine trials. Several hundred people have expressed their interest in taking part as subjects for the study.

Read the Financial Times article (£) and the First Word article for more information.

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Published on 24. September 2020 in News, News UK