NICE joins global alliance for evidence-based healthcare

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has announced a worldwide initiative with other international bodies for the advancement of evidence-led decisions in healthcare.

The other organisations joining together with NICE are:

  • JBI: an international research organisation based at the University of Adelaide, South Australia
  • Cochrane: a global independent network of researchers, professionals, patients, carers, and people interested in health
  • The Campbell Collaboration: an international research network that promotes evidence-based decision- and policy-making
  • Guidelines International Network (G-I-N): a global network of organisations and individuals who are involved in the development and use of clinical practice guidelines
  • The Institute for Evidence Based Healthcare: a body that delivers research, engagement and training that serves as a national (Australian) and international resource
  • The Africa Evidence Network: a community of nearly 3,000 diverse people who share a vision to see an end to poverty and inequality in Africa
  • The American College of Physicians: the largest medical specialty organisation in the United States with members in more than 145 countries worldwide

Together, the new collaboration will hold the inaugural World Evidence-based Healthcare (EBHC) Day on 20th October 2020. This event will demonstrate the work going on in this field in policy and practice.

NICE Chief Executive, Professor Gillian Leng, said:

“NICE plays a vital role to produce evidence-based guidelines and resources that help commissioners and frontline practitioners, patients and carers, make better informed decisions about health and social care policy and practice. We are therefore proud to support EBHC day.

“We must share best practice for using evidence to improve health outcomes across the globe, now more than ever. In light of the challenges we are all currently dealing with due to Covid-19, NICE is playing an active role in the WHO’s Evidence Collaborative for COVID-19 which is reviewing a high volume of ongoing evidence to share with partners across this global network.

Read the full NICE announcement for more information.

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Published on 17. September 2020 in News, News UK, Press Release