EMA reaffirms commitment to independence and transparency for COVID-19 treatments and medicines

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has explained, in an open letter that it will consider products for the current pandemic coronavirus by the same standards as for other products.

In an open letter, EMA said it:

“is applying the same independence measures to its experts dealing with COVID-19 treatments and vaccines as it does for those dealing with all medicines. This includes the experts involved in providing advice on these medicines’ development, as well as the experts evaluating them.

“These tried and tested measures ensure that EMA’s recommendations are driven only by science and public-health needs, and not by any other interests.”

The letter also establishes the EMA’s plans to publish the clinical data supporting its recommendations for all COVID-19 medicines.

The Agency is also planning additional transparency measures in order to help build trust and confidence in the EU regulatory system, such as the publication of the product information with details of the conditions of use even before the formal MA is granted.

Read the EMA article for more information.

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Published on 6. October 2020 in News, News EU, Press Release