European Commission 2021 Work Programme released

The European Commission (EC) has presented its work programme for 2021, entitled A Union of vitality in a world of fragility.

The document sets out new legislation planned by the EC, as well as any existing legislation it hopes to amend.

MAP’s colleagues at the European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (EUCOPE) summed-up the proposals as:

  • to reinforce the EU’s framework for detecting and responding to serious cross-border health threats, and strengthen the roles of existing Agencies
  • to establish an Agency for biomedical advanced research and development
  • the European health data space which will be launched via a legislative proposal by the end of next year
  • an evaluation of the cross-border healthcare directive (2011/24/EU) looking into the effectiveness of approaches implemented by the Member States and the remaining barriers to patients seeking healthcare across borders
  • an update to the new industrial strategy for Europe to take into account the impacts of COVID-19, the global competitive context and the acceleration of the green and digital transitions (expected in Q2 2021).

The work programme documents and annexes are available with detailed information.

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Published on 23. October 2020 in News, News EU, Press Release