Farmaindustria backs flu vaccination campaign

The national trade association of the Spanish pharmaceutical industry, Farmaindustria, has pledged support to the government’s flu vaccination campaign.

Under normal circumstances, the vaccination campaign in Spain would begin towards the end of October. However, it has been brought forward in order to alleviate pressure on the health system while it deals with a possible surge in Covid-19 cases.

The health authorities have decided that the immunisation process should take place at the same time in all regions, and have aimed to cover 75% of health workers and over-65s (with a priority placed on hospitalised patients).

In order to achieve this target, the Ministry of Health has bought 5 million more doses of flu vaccinations and has launched a social media campaign ‘#GripeYoMeVacuno’. The Spanish pharmaceutical industry wants to show its support for the efforts that are being made by the health authorities.

Farmaindustria stresses that vaccination is an essential instrument for health, underlining that no other human intervention, with the exception of potable water, can rival the effect it has on combatting preventable diseases and reducing mortality rates.

The economic impact of widespread vaccination is also significant. It is estimated that for each euro that is invested in flu immunisation, €1.35 euros are saved, which can be spent elsewhere in the healthcare system.

The pharmaceutical industry’s backing of the campaign follows the recommendations it made months ago to confront this year’s extraordinary circumstances. Vaccines Europe, which is part of EFPIA, the European federation of innovative industry, called attention in July to the need for policy to increase immunisation against seasonal flu during the pandemic.

Read the Farmaindustria article for more information.

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Published on 5. October 2020 in News, News Spain, Press Release