Germany releases new strategy for global health

The new strategy, Responsibility – Innovation – Partnership: Shaping Global Health Together, is the new guiding principle for the government to improve international health security and strengthen the WHO over the next ten years.

Germany’s federal health minister, Jens Spahn, stated:

“In the 21st century, health hazards do not stop at borders. That is why we want to think health protection more globally, that is a central lesson from the corona pandemic. In addition to national strategies, we need increased international cooperation in health policy. This is the only way we can make health systems around the world more resilient. This includes reforming the WHO and making it more capable of acting. We need a WHO that can prevent global health threats and act quickly in an emergency. In its own interest, Germany will become more involved internationally in this area.”

The new strategy will focus on developing goals and priorities in a future-oriented manner to:

  • Promote health and prevention
  • Work to reduce the health consequences of climate change
  • Strengthen health systems and enable universal healthcare with non-discriminatory access for all
  • Commit to long-term and comprehensive efforts to protect health, including protection against epidemics and pandemics, and continue its engagement in humanitarian health aid
  • Drive research and innovation for global health

Further, the government is also committing to reducing antibiotic resistance, providing vaccine platforms to expand vaccination programs at home and abroad and fighting neglected and poverty-related tropical diseases, as well as expanding research in all of these areas.

Lastly, as part of its commitment to multilateralism, the government is advocating for a substantial increase in WHO contributions from member countries in order for the WHO to take on a central, leading role to develop and expand its outbreak and emergency aid programme.

A review of the strategy will take place in 2025. For further information, please see the complete strategy (in German).

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Published on 12. October 2020 in News, News Germany, Press Release