NICE consultation on proposed topic selection changes now open

NICE has proposed the changes in order to: improve clarity by consolidating existing eligibility, selection and routing criteria; improve efficiency by aligning decision-making and stakeholder engagement processes; and improve transparency by better describing the topic selection processes and decisions.

The consultation on the changes proposed by NICE to topic selection is open until 19th November.

The most important proposed changes include:

  • The selection criteria will be updated to reflect the new responsibilities that NICE has for issuing guidance in topics set out in the 2019 Voluntary Scheme for Branded Medicines and Pricing
  • All new active substances and significant license extensions to add a new therapeutic indication will be selected, unless there is a clear reason not to do so
  • All new or significantly modified interventional procedures will also be selected, if they are available to the NHS or independent sector, or about to be used outside of research
  • For medical devices and diagnostics, selection criteria is still in place. Topic prioritisation will be needed for topics routed to Medical Technologies or Diagnostics guidance because both programmes have a capacity limit
  • Also, it is proposed that all diagnostics, irrespective of the value proposition, be now routed to the Diagnostics Assessment Programme
  • Furthermore, it is proposed that devices requiring a cost-effectiveness analysis continue to be appraised within the technology appraisal programme but that the Medical Technologies Advisory Committee be utilised as the independent decision maker
  • The potential to align topic selection steps where unnecessary variation exists between the three existing topic selection processes, in order to increase consistency and transparency
  • The requirement for a scope to be developed and consulted upon before a topic is selected for Technology Appraisal or Highly Specialised Technologies will be removed. Instead, scope development and consultation will occur closer to the guidance development stageThere will be a standardisation of the presentation of information regarding topic selection decision-making, in order to improve transparency
  • The consolidation of the three existing topic selection panels into a single panel, in order to increase efficiency.

For more information, please find the Proposals paper on the NICE website.

Furthermore, NICE will hold a webinar on Thursday 22nd October 2020 at 12pm. This is will be an opportunity to learn more about the proposed changes and put questions to a panel.

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