European Alliance for Value in Health to put value and outcomes at centre of health systems

The newly formed European Alliance for Value in Health represents a group of European associations representing patients, hospitals, the life science and pharmaceutical industries and scientific societies to connect different stakeholders, improve patient outcomes and meet the needs of future populations.

The Alliance’s vision is to create a value-based, sustainable and patient-centred health system ensuring that:

  • outcomes that matter to people and patients, as well as benefits valued by health systems and societies, are at the centre of decision-making
  • interventions and services addressing prevention, social care and healthcare are organised in an integrated way around people and patients
  • resources are allocated towards high-value care and prevention, with outcomes and costs of care measured holistically
  • continuous learning, education and healthcare improvement is based on evidence, and supported by data and insights
  • innovative ways of care delivery are fostered, and
  • financing models and payments reward value and outcomes.

The Alliance will issue opinions on current health policy topics, bring together members to network and exchange views, and provide a hub for knowledge.

For more information, please read the press release.

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Published on 17. November 2020 in Interesting Reads, News, Press Release