European Commission publishes pharmaceutical strategy

The European Commission has published its pharmaceutical strategy for the coming years.

The principal aims of the pharmaceutical strategy are to: ensure access to affordable medicines for patients; address unmet needs; support the competitiveness, innovation and sustainability of the EU’s pharmaceutical industry; enhance crisis preparedness and response mechanisms, and ensure a strong EU voice in the world by promoting a high level of standards of quality, safety and efficacy.

Some of the key initiatives included in the pharmaceutical strategy include:

  • a proposal to revise the legislation on medicines for children and rare diseases in order to improve the therapeutic landscape and address unmet needs (such as in paediatric cancer) through more tailored initiatives
  • a proposal to revise the pharmaceutical legislation to adapt to innovative products, scientific developments (e.g. genomics or personalised medicine) and technological transformation (e.g. data analytics and digital tools) and provide tailored incentives for innovation
  • supporting collaborative projects that bring together stakeholders to take forward the use of high-performance computing and artificial intelligence in combination with EU health data for pharmaceutical innovation
  • encouraging purchasers in the health sector to cooperate in view of implementing innovative procurement approaches for the purchasing of medicines and medical devices, within the framework of the Big Buyers Initiative 2021

There is also a focus on joint collaboration through initiatives such as: facilitating cooperation on unmet needs and evidence generation in jointing meetings of committees, regulatory agencies and health technology assessment (HTA) bodies in 2021; developing cooperation based on mutual learning on pricing, payment and procurement policies in order to improve the affordability and cost-effectiveness of medicines, including cancer treatments, and establishing interoperable data access infrastructure for the European Health Data Space by 2025 to facilitate cross-border analysis of health data.

MAP will publish a longer analysis of the European Commission’s pharmaceutical strategy in due course. For further information, see the page on the European Commission website.

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Published on 25. November 2020 in News, News EU, Press Release