Creation of new emerging and infectious diseases agency in France

The French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and the Ministry of Health (MoH) have collaborated to create a new agency dedicated to the research of emerging and infectious diseases that will commence its activities in January 2021.

The aims of this new agency are to strengthen biomedical research on emerging and infectious diseases and, scientifically, to better equip the public response to the COVID-19 epidemic. The new agency for emerging and infectious diseases will bring together the scientific expertise of the Inserm-REACTing consortium and the experience and operational capacity of the National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis (ANRS). It will carry out the coordination and funding of scientific research on emerging and infectious diseases, AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and viral hepatitis.

Since January 2020, Inserm and REACTing have collaborated to structure and accelerate research on COVID-19, by rapidly identifying research priorities, including the tracking of infected populations, epidemiological modelling, therapeutic strategy and vaccines. REACTing has facilitated the sharing of information and encouraged the establishment of good research practice. ARNS has also been involved in exceptional projects throughout the year. The creation of this agency will allow efficient coordination for the research surrounding infectious and emerging diseases, combining the expertise of both entities.

Olivier Veran, Minister of Health, said:

“I welcome the creation of this new agency, a necessary convergence between ANRS and REACTing, two organisations that have each proven themselves to be leaders in their respective fields, which will be guided by a global health approach. It will play a key role in the research of infectious and emerging diseases.”

Read the MoH article (in French) for further information.

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Published on 16. December 2020 in News, News France, Press Release