Consultancy services are available for aspects outside the scope of the web based reference service. Rates depend on the number of hours or days required to complete requested work.

For further information, please see out consulting website MAP MarketAccess.

Please email to request proposals and a quote.

General summary of services we provide beyond a MAP Online membership

Desk research, leading to delivery of tailored, up to date reports to help make timely decisions to support market access on the best available evidence

Reports and advice to support NHS service redesign and accelerated uptake of medicines; for example:

  • commissioning toolkits,
  • business cases,
  • budget impact models
  • simple health economic models designed to be used by field based market access staff with NHS customers

Support in navigating NHS processes which we provide in simple flow chart format with detailed guides where relevant, for example:

  • Health Technology Appraisal (HTA) process and timelines for:
    • NICE (national institute for health and clinical excellence) in England
    • Scotland
    • Wales
    • Ireland
  • Pricing process in the UK based on the NHS tariff.

Disease specific analysis based on our health technology appraisal longitudinal databases for European countries.