MAP have developed in-depth market access guides which will help you navigate through the complex market. All countries follow a set layout to simplify the process and make comparing different markets easier. Each country has an introductory market access overview and the relevant key stakeholders before delving into the pricing and reimbursement procedures. All MAP Online members have access to MAP Europe which covers policies and regulations applicable to all EU countries.

MAP Europe

Available to all MAP Online members, MAP Europe covers key elements of market access that are applicable on a European level such as CE Marking, clinical studies as well as overviews of the market access environment in each country.

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MAP United Kingdom

MAP UK spans across all four devolved nations, highlighting the similarities and differences between the market access process in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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MAP Germany

MAP Germany has been designed to help you navigate the pricing and reimbursement systems in both the inpatient and outpatient sectors with information on key decision makers and the German healthcare system.

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MAP France

MAP France has been designed to enable you to navigate the health care environment with ease, with information on reimbursement pathways for devices, including the decision making process as well as additional country insights such as attitudes towards lobbying activities and the laws surrounding clinical studies.

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