MAP Europe

What can you expect from this section?

As MAP MedTech continues to expand our service offering across Europe, we are developing country sections for all 28 EU member states as well as other countries in Europe. Each section will be just as full of the useful detail and insights as can already be found in the completed UK & Ireland and Germany sections. Each member of a main country section also gains access to a shortened version of all countries in Europe as they become available. This is not meant to be a comprehensive section by section review as you would find on the full country sections, but feedback from our members report that this overall resource for all of Europe is a useful introduction to countries and helps to steer market access strategy.

Please click on the country markers to be taken to that country section to read sections on the following countries:

  • Summary – Headlines for the country
  • Economic outlook
  • Economic briefing
  • Industrial facts
  • Health issues
  • Basic demographics
  • Health system briefing
  • Healthcare expenditure
  • Medical workforce
  • WHO health system ranking

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