Digital health and care: learning from Covid-19 (virtual conference)

Monday 02 November, 2020 - Thursday 05 November, 2020 starting at 09:30 - 12:00

An interactive online event will present the Kings Fund perspective on what our health system should learn from COVID-19. Organisers say:

“In this event we are bringing together top experts from the NHS and other parts of the digital health system to discuss the lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic. From the benefits of emergency data gathering in order to work on new treatments, to the transfer of primary care services online, Covid-19 has been the catalyst bringing about the long-discussed digital revolution. With almost every part of the system shaken by Covid-19, was all digital change positive and what are the challenges still left to tackle?

“Join us to hear the views of NHS and industry leaders who played a central role in bringing about the new digital reality for health care. We will explore how they managed to adapt to the pressing needs of the pandemic, which cutting-edge innovative solutions they wish to retain as the system returns to ‘normal’ and what problems this speedy digital transformation has created.”

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