Westminster Health Forum – Data use in healthcare and life sciences – collection and trust, innovation and improving patient care, and the contribution to fighting COVID-19

Tuesday 20 October, 2020 starting at 08:30 - 13:00

***Full-scale policy conference taking place online***

This conference will examine the key issues for the use of data in healthcare and life sciences. The session will feature:

  • The role of Life Sciences and data in improving patient care and outcomes – progress made since the industrial strategy and maximising impact into the future
  • Improving the collection and utilisation of data in healthcare – supporting rapid response, track, trace and test services, trust, access, training and regulation:
    • Increasing availability and access to data as a resource in healthcare and how data is shaping services during the pandemic
    • Developing a system for data use that is trusted, and improving engagement from patients across the UK
    • Preparing the workforce with the specialised skills and techniques needed for utilising data
    • Key legal and regulatory considerations for utilising data in healthcare – and implications for the COVID response
  • The potential for innovation and genomics to improve diagnosis and treatment
  • The role of data in in the COVID-19 Pandemic – contact tracing, resource management and improving patient care
  • Opportunities for improving patient care using data – health outcomes, identifying vulnerable and at risk groups, and supporting online and remote services:
    • Using data to innovate and improve the patient experience
    • Case study: The health data research hub for respiratory health
    • Data and medicine development – supporting personalised effective treatment
    • Using data to understand quality and integration across health and social care
  • Next steps for policy and meeting long term goals

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