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Medical Devices in Germany

Germany is the third biggest market for medical devices in the world and the largest in Europe by a long way. It is roughly twice the size of the French market and three times the size of both the British and Italian markets (2016 Top Markets Report Medical Devices). German annual expenditures on medical devices and technologies amount to about €28 billion and employs 190,000 people in Germany (source: Healthcare Expenditure Report 2012 of the Federal Statistical Office, April 2014).

Ranking only behind the USA and Japanese markets in terms of size, the German market is predicted to grow at a €CAGR of 5.5% between 2014 and 2019. This should see the market expand from US$26.3 billion to US$30.8bn by 2019.


For a more detailed breakdown of Germany’s healthcare economy and med tech industry, refer to our Germany section on MAP Europe.

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