The NUB Reimbursement Pathway

Executive Summary

  • The NUB allows hospitals to submit requests for reimbursement of “new and innovative diagnosis and treatment methods” that have not yet obtained a G-DRG code
  • It will shorten the time that it takes to get your product to market and it will also increase your chances of obtaining a G-DRG code in the future for your device
  • NUBs are paid on top of hospital budgets and hence represent additional expenditure and/or funding for hospitals
  • NUB criteria:
    • The new and innovative method will affect several existing G-DRGs
    • The new and innovative method can be clearly defined
    • The cost of using this new and innovative method affects the cost structure of the relevant procedure and the overall cost structure of the hospital
    • The requesting hospital’s financial situation would be worse if the request is rejected
  • InEK will check all submitted applications and replies with a value of 1 to 4 for each application by 31 January each year