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What MAP MedTech provides

Building on our direct, hands-on, successful experience in developing pricing and reimbursement submissions, we have created an up-to-the-minute “virtual expert” that will enable you to conquer the ever-changing market access environment at minimal expense.

MAP Online is a unique, validated, ‘virtual’ expert, which will help you achieve pricing and reimbursement.

Navigating Process

  • Healthcare systems
  • Pricing
  • Funding flows
  • Routes to reimbursement
  • Early access options
  • Stakeholder engagement strategies

Essential Resources

  • Editable presentations
  • Printable posters
  • Podcasts
  • Training materials, presentations and workshops
  • HTA database statistics and trends

Downloadable Tools

  • Incremental cost-effectiveness ratio (ICER) calculator
  • Budget impact model
  • International reference pricing tracker
  • Several others subsidised or free where <1 week FTE time required to build


  • Stay up to date with all access news
  • Articles on latest access topics and consultations
  • Newsletters circulated monthly


If what you need is not already there, we will complete the additional work, usually at no extra charge. To supplement this, we offer product specific, one to one expert strategic advice on a consulting basis throughout the product lifecycle. We have developed website resources for Europe as well as specific country sections for the UKFrance and Germany.

MAP Online members benefit from access to a whole library of information dedicated to market access strategies complete with downloadable presentations, tools to help you schedule projects, detailed flowcharts and an up-to-date newsfeed for market access updates as well as gaining free access to the annual MAP conference. You can use MAP MedTech to:

  • Save time, effort and cost by taking control of your market access strategy
  • Maximise efficiency at each stage of the pricing and reimbursement process
  • Avoid commonly made mistakes
  • Effectively implement public affairs strategies

We also have a team of friendly experts on-hand to answer your market access queries which you can submit to us through our site’s “Ask MAP” Button. Alternatively, MAP Online members can pick up the phone and talk to our experts directly.

The best part of our service is that if what you need isn’t already there, we will complete the extra work usually at no extra cost. If you are a company with big ambition and limited funds, then don’t worry, we have set our prices deliberately to help promote innovation in the MedTech industry.

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What Each Country Section Provides

Each country section follows the same core structure to simplify the market access process, especially when comparing strategies across multiple countries. Each Country section includes information on the following:

  • Market Access Overview – a quick summary of the market access process in the country
  • Decision Makers – introductions to who the key stakeholders are and what they do, complimented by structural flowcharts
  • Pricing – detailed guides on how prices are set in each country, complete with the process and contributors to the pricing application
  • Reimbursement – in depth process guides on the different reimbursement pathways in each country.

MAP provides a high level of detail for all Pricing and Reimbursement processes in each country – flow charts, official up to date supporting documents and detailed guides including timelines for processes and more.

MAP also provides:

  • Market access tools to help you plan and launch your market access strategy
  • News and consultation updates for each country covered on MAP as well as European wide news stories
  • Coverage of market access related events
  • Resources such as a directory of service providers and glossary of market access terms
  • Annual MAP conference (free entry to MAP Online members)
  • A free, tailored 4-hour workshop with our experts
  • Complimentary access to MAP Europe – helping you to understand EU processes and how they affect the markets in which you operate

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MAP Online an the support team can help your organisation to make the right decisions on market access straegy, reducing time and costs

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