Training Slide Decks

With the ever changing environment that is market access, we have developed a series of training slide decks to cover certain key aspects to help you get to grips with the market. The resources that will be made available here are intended for our members’ own information or to aid internal training for their team.

Introduction to Health Economics

Health economics is the application of economic theory to healthcare issues to inform resource allocation within healthcare systems.

Economic evaluations are increasingly used for this purpose, becoming a requirement as part of HTA submissions for a growing number of regulatory bodies. At MAP, we are developing this new “Intro to Health Economics” section to help explain the need for, and various approaches to, assessments of cost-effectiveness and budget impact. This section is also intended to provide insight into broader, current topics within the field of health economics, such as how a potential price is calculated as part of a pricing strategy.

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In addition to the overview provided in the slides, this site will provide more detailed information, with examples, on the following topics:

  • the need for economic evaluations
  • when economic evaluations are required
  • modelling approaches and how to choose the most suitable one
  • data requirements
  • how quality of life is assessed
  • ICERs and how they are calculated
  • pricing theory
  • and more…

Template models and a simple ICER calculator are also available on our MAP Tools page.

Introduction to Early Health Economic Models

Early health economic models can be helpful tool for in a number of ways such as identifying cost-effective price corridors and areas for further research. Early health economic models can form the basis for later, more robust economic models. Download the slide deck to find out more information.

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Introduction to Reimbursement in England

This slide deck covers a range of topics to help you to design your reimbursement strategy.

Topics covered in this slide deck include:

  • NICE

    • MIBs, MTEP, DAP, Fast Track
  • Primary Care

    • Part IX of the Drugs Tariff
  • Secondary Care

    • The National Tariff – Payment by Results
    • Individual Funding Requests
    • 5 main routes to the NHS
  • Public Affairs

    • Creating an effective public affairs strategy

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